Brass Band

Brass BandMoslem Shrine’s Concert Band was formed in 1912. At one time is was known as Moslem’s Million Dollar Brass Band.The Concert Band performs marches, light musicals and patriotic music. There are, in most years, a ladies night at which the band performs for the pleasure of the wives and sweethearts of the bandsmen. In December there is the annual Christmas Party for Band members and their families.

The Band is always on the look-out for Shriners who would like to join them. To those of you that are thinking that it has been too many years since you played a horn … WRONG! Members of the band come from all types of backgrounds, many of which joined after they retired. So, you can join and fit right in.

For more information:

Jack Lidster, Director
7444 Calhoun
Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: (313) 582-9515